The first contact with a company takes place in most cases over the Internet today. This means that if you have a business then you need Affordable Websites no matter what industry you operate in and no matter how big your business is.But before you start creating a website yourself or hire a professional web design agency be sure to answer the following questions. Remember, you should always take professional help if you want to get some business.

Who should the website address?

Who is your target audience? Or even better who is your Persona? Before starting, decide exactly who your website should address. This is the only way to ensure that your website can be successful.The only exception: Your website should be just a business card. If your web presence consists of nothing more than a start page and a contact page, then you can do without the persona process – at least with regard to the website. For all other marketing activities you will still need the persona.

How much can you wait?

Do you want to do everything yourself? Do you really have to do everything yourself? Do you really want to have nothing to do with it?These questions have a big impact on the price. Of course a simple HTML website is much cheaper than an elaborate CMS page where you can change almost all texts and images without the help of a programmer.Another question that you should definitely clarify: what about the regular backup of the website?

A good approach is to ask yourself how often the contents of the website need to be changed. How often are new pictures added to the web page? Would you like to run a blog? Do events on the site have to be announced and exchanged on an ongoing basis?Basically, if you do not have the opportunity to change content on the website then you should immediately arrange a flat-rate maintenance contract with your web designer.

Conclusion: The disadvantages of DIY websites

The possibilities to quickly and easily create a website yourself are increasing. From the point of view of a web designer one must also admit that they are getting better and better. Of course they cannot fulfill all your wishes but for a quick test they may well be enough.You have no control over your data. Of course you can decide for yourself what’s on your side but unfortunately you cannot just secure the website on your computer. The performance may suffer from other websites. DIY systems are always offered in so-called shared hosting. This means that not only your web server is running but many others and that can actually be hundreds of websites.